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Global Identity

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Our proven expertise and unique consultative approach allows us to provide targeted, personalized merchandise and solutions for the world’s biggest brands.

This customer-focused attitude means we help you increase effectiveness of brand strategies and ensure accountability - every time.

 A Network with a Reputation for Service to the World’s Most Valuable Brands

The Global Identity Brand Merchandise Network was established in 2009. The network consists of over 2,500 employees, in over 60 locations worldwide, serving over 35 global clients with multinational merchandise programs, including over half of the “World’s Top 25 Most Valuable Brands” as ranked by Interbrand and BusinessWeek. Through our member network, we currently provide coverage to approximately 80 countries worldwide. 

We centralize the management of our multinational clients’ brand merchandising programs - leveraging demand enterprise-wide, while maintaining brand integrity. Additional benefits and services of the network include:

o Designated Global Account Manager oversees the coordination between markets

o Local offices provide brand merchandise consultation, sourcing, service and invoicing 

o Digital asset management platform ensures consistent worldwide brand integrity

o Clients receive centrally consolidated global reporting 

o Supply chain controls and documentation processes proactively protect brand reputation

o Global platforms provide best in class online shopping experiences